Misuse of emergency 112 could cost you up to €23,000

November 24, 2010 in General

Emergency prank calls have always been an issue but new technology installed at the Police Headquarters is allowing officials to investigate the misuse of the 112 emergency number.

Assistant Police Commissioner Josie Brincat is concerned about the misuse of the 112 emergency call service that is saving lives. “Misuse occurs for a number of reasons. Some are simply prank calls while other are merely accidents that could be avoided with some care.

“We have investigated a case where 175 calls were made by a child. To keep the child quiet parents often give their mobile phones to their children and, if these are very young they may coincidentally press 112 and get through to our emergency number or in the case of older children, they do it just for fun.

“What mainly concerns us is that while weareansweringtheseprank calls the lines are busy to people who may be experiencing real emergencies.”

New software allows for identification of the number from which the emergency call is made. Emergency calls can be made without a SIM card or if there is no signal. In this case an IMEI number appears on our screen that can be used to identify the calls made from that specific phone. Investigations will then lead to the owner of the phone.

Brincat says the police are not interested in people who make a one-off mistake, but when thesame Read the rest of this entry →

E.F.R.U. Volunteers assists CPD on Monday 25th October after Heavy Rains hits Malta

October 29, 2010 in General

Personnel and heavy plant assets from various Armed Forces of Malta’s units were earlier today mobilised to assist the Civil Protection Department (CPD), as last night’s heavy rainfall caused several flash flood situations in a number of localities around Malta. No injuries were reported, but CPD and AFM rescuers were actively involved throughout the morning in debris-clearing operations and rescuing drivers from stalled vehicles.

Strong northwesternly winds characterised last night’s rainstorm,attimesblowingat 14 knots. CPD issued 3 warnings this morning, urging people and motorists to keep off the roads, given the dangerous conditions caused by heavy rain. The most critical no-go areas were those of Msida, Birkirkara’s Valley Road, Burmarrad and Qormi.

The heavy rain severely flooded roads, and in several localitiesthe Read the rest of this entry →

E.F.R.U. Volunteers experiencing rescue techniques in Badolato Italy

August 10, 2010 in General

A group of rescue volunteers from the ‘Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit’ have just returned from a training program organized together with the ‘Soccorsi Speciali Edelweiss’ held undertheauspicesofthe ‘Civil Protection Department – Malta‘.

The training course was held at Badolato – Reggio Calabria.

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His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. visit

April 27, 2010 in General

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) formed part of the first aid and rescue personnel set up by the Civil Protection Department (CPD) to assistthoseattendingtothe ceremonies and visits of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Present in most ofthe Read the rest of this entry →

E.F.R.U. volunteers called out to assist Civil Protection Department

February 26, 2010 in General

Two die in fireworks blast

Seven men were at the factory when explosion occurred

Michael Testa

Relatives of the men who were at the St Sebastian Fireworks Factory rushed on site to see what had become of their loved ones after the blast.

Two men lost their lives in an explosion that rocked the St Sebastian Fireworks Factory in the limits of Ħandaq, Qormi yesterday evening.

The dead men were named by friends and other fireworks enthusiasts as Damian Agius, who was in his early 20s, and Fredu Stellini, aged around 40, both of Qormi. Their bodies were found at about midnight underneath the concrete roof of the room they were working in.

A Hi-Mac had been brought to the siteatabout10p.m. in an effort to lift the concrete roof.

The explosion, which occurred at about 6.15 p.m., left another two persons slightly injured, while three escaped unhurt.

Smoke was still coming out of the debris hours after the blast, leading to the fear that other fireworks there could explode. Fireworks manufacturers were preparing fireworks for the feast of St Sebastian which is celebrated in the third week of July and for the ground fireworks,as Read the rest of this entry →