"Ohhhh! What a year!!"
Dear readers,

That was Ivan's first, unfiltered, spur-of-the-moment reaction to the editorial team when we politely informed him that he's going to have to contribute to this quarterly's newsletter with an overview of 2017! We also politely informed him that that phrase alone won't cut it – we really wanted to give you our readers a better read than that! – and that, as our much-loved director, he was going to have to give us a few lines and some honest thoughts about all that made 2017 a significant year for the EFRU. And a few lines and tons of great memories are really not hard to come by for someone who devotes, quite literally, most of his life to this great team. So here goes, straight from the horse's mouth: our last year, in review.

The Editorial Team
12th Year Anniversary
Our 12th Anniversary
The EFRU is celebrating its 12 years of local service since it's conception back in 2006. A team which kicked off from 5 dedicated founder members is now is a 40-strong organisation which brings members together in training to assist the local authorities in emergency situations such as floodings, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Fire Fighting, Rope Rescue, K-9 and High Angle Rescue...

Article by Iona Muscat
A thought worth sharing...
In earlier correspondence the editorial team did divulge to our readers that the EFRU was once again heading a multi-national event scheduled for March 2018. It went by the name SIMULEX18 and like its predecessor events, it brought much to the plate of each and every EFRU member. In retrospect, there is no denying that the whole thing was a huge success...

Article by Iona Muscat
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