Welcome to the first edition of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit's quarterly e-newsletter. Our aim is to keep you updated with the unit's success and growth with the hope of increasing our exposure and possibly attracting some generous contributions towards our planned projects.

Each Issue will bring you regular information about EFRU and its's happenings, interviews with our volunteers, safety advices and recommendations and news about our sponsors amongst other issues.

In the first issue we are pleased to announce our latest sponsor: Pavi Group. The directors and management have agreed to support our team and help us in advancing our mission.

Whilst hoping you will find our bulletin interesting, I invite you to send in your suggestions or feedback to us thorugh our website www.efru.org .

Keith Borg
Manager – PR & Funding

Featured Items

Fabio Spiteri Interview Pavi Sponsorship First Aid Ivan Barbara Interview

Interview: Fabio Spiteri

Pavi Sponsorship

First Aid

Interview: Ivan Barbara

On the 8th December 2006, Fabio Spiteri – a local triathlon athlete - participated in the Puttinu Cares annual triathlon...


We're excited to announce that ‘Pavi Group' has recently become a sponsor of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit...

A minor burn is quite a common injury at home, during BBQs etc. Even though it can be easily treated with basic first aid...


48-year-old Ivan Barbara describes himself as a born leader. Being motivated and determined...


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Latest News Articles

Looking Back

Looking Back


It all began… in 2006 when a group of 5 dedicated people with a solid background in rescue (most of whom still form part of the organisation to date) decided to form the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit or, as it is more commonly known EFRU.

The first months were a continuous uphill struggle for the founder members but the sun started to shine when they were contacted by a dancing team called `She 2`s` to assist them with an adventure program they were planning. This was the first time most people heard about EFRU but success was instant. Queries from people who wanted to join the team began flowing in and thereon, the EFRU family started growing..


Nosey Heroes


It's very early on a Sunday, 4 a.m. to be more precise, when the earth starts shaking and in less than a minute, the neighborhood is reduced to a mass of rubble and collapsed buildings. It's a magnitude-6.0 earthquake! People scramble from their beds out onto the streets – a place of relative safety. Sadly not all are fast enough. There are people trapped in the ruins, some could even be injured, and a race against time to rescue them starts. But how to find them? Searching manually, it could take days to find these people, and while special tools exist to pinpoint humans buried deep in the rubble, a lot of time is still needed to cover the whole area.

In comes the role of the K9 Rescue Dogs.


EFRU K9 Unit

EFRU K9 Unit

Foster Clark Fire


The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) were requested to assist the Civil Protection Department (CPD) in what started as a small grass fire in a field at San Gwann industrial estate at around 4 p.m.

The named fire grew into a massive blaze earlier this afternoon, spreading to the back yard of the Foster Clark factory which contained loads of wood, pellets, chemicals and acetylene cylinders.



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